About Yoni Ben Menachem

Yoni Ben Menachem is one of Israelis
well-known experts in the Middle East and
is a senior analyst in this field. His rich knowledge in this field comes from decades of experience in which he worked as an orientalist and journalist.
Besides his research work, Ben Menachem served as editor-in-chief and CEO of the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Ben Menachem’s career began when he was hired as a producer for Japanese television in the Middle East. Since then, he has held a number of key positions in
the Israeli media: he was a correspondent for Middle East affairs, a commentator and
political correspondent, editor-in-chief and presenter of the program "The Middle East
Magazine, a commentator on Middle East affairs, the General Director of “Kol Israel” 
radio and the Chief Editor and CEO of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. Following
his activities in the media arena.

 Ben Menachem influenced the way in which the Arab world and the Palestinians arecovered by the media, and he was even the first Israeli journalist to interviewYasser Arafat, the leader of the PLO in Tunisia in 1993 before the Oslo Accords. 
He also took part in the coverage of some of the most significant events in Israeli history such as the first and second intifada, military operations, the withdrawal of the IDF from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, various Peace and normalization negotiations and agreements with Arab countries and more.

Yoni ben Menachem has many skills that complement the rich knowledge he possesses: he has extensive linguistic knowledge of the Arabic language, and speaks it in several different dialects; He has many connections with senior figures
in the Arab world, and in the territories in particular. Also, he has sources and connections with senior officials of the highest ranks in the political and military leadership in Israel.
Yoni Ben Menachem appears as a senior
commentator on all the television
channels covering the Middle East.

sharing his extensive knowledge with the general public in articles written by him that appear daily on his frequently updated website. ARABEXPERT.Co.IL .
Through his web site the articles and videos he creates give a broad and fascinating picture analyzing the latest events and processes in the Arab world as well as in the rest of the world. Thanks to his rich experience, he became one of the most wanted lecturers in Israel in the
fields of Middle East and Diplomacy, as well as a very welcome guest on different
television channels throughout the Middle