Jordan is concerned from the Netanyahu Ben Gvir understandings

Jordan is very concerned from the understandings reached between Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu and Knesset member Ben Gvir and estimates that the Netanyahu government will adopt the policy that "Jordan is Palestine". PA officials say that after the formation of the new government in Israel, PA Chairman Abu Mazen and King Abdullah of Jordan will meet to formulate a plan to deal with the Netanyahu government.

The PA launched an international campaign of incitement against the new right-wing government in Israel.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a warning about the “dangers of the agreement between the Likud and Itamar Ben Gvir’s party”, while Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Ishtayeh said that the plans of the new government in Israel are a “declaration of war on the Palestinians” and that the Palestinians prepared A plan to confront the settlements and the change in the instructions for opening fire in the Israeli army and police.

The Palestinian reaction is expected and does not surprise anyone, what is more worrying is the reaction of Jordan, with whom Israel has a peace agreement from 1994 and also the longest border with an Arab country.

According to Jordanian officials, the Jordanian government opened consultations with the PA in Ramallah to formulate a unified strategy towards the new right-wing government in Israel.

Sources in the Jordanian parliament say that a fascist and extreme right-wing government has been established in Israel that will lead to an escalation of the security situation in the West Bank, something that will directly affect Jordan’s vital interests and may destabilize it.

Jordanian member of parliament Machmoud al-Abadi says that the right-wing government in Israel will empty the West Bank of its inhabitants and export the resulting crisis to the eastern side of the Jordan river.

The “Islamic Action Front” party affiliated with Hamas has issued a stern warning against the continuation of normalization with the right-wing government in Israel, which it claims is “working to harm the Kingdom of Jordan”.

In its estimation, the conflict between the right-wing government in Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom is only a matter of time.

The new right-wing government led by Netanyahu is an ongoing nightmare for Jordan and King Abdullah, whose relationship with Netanyahu is very bad, even though he called and congratulated Netanyahu on his victory in the elections, while PA Chairman Abu Mazen refrained from doing so.

Jordan is very concerned about the political understandings reached between Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu and Member of Knesset Itamar Ben Gvir designated for the position of Minister of National Security, member of the Security Cabinet and responsible for the Border Police forces in the West Bank.

Jordanian officials say that Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu’s basic plan is to eliminate the Palestinian problem and create a new situation in the West Bank in which Israel maintains all of Jerusalem and prevents the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which poses a great danger to the vital interests of Jordan and will lead to the collapse of the entire basis for negotiations and peace, in their estimation , Netanyahu wants to adopt a policy in practice that “Jordan is Palestine”, as former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon previously stated.

Jordan sent messages to Israel, the US, and the international community that the appointment of Itamar Ben Gvir to the position of Minister of National Security is a very “hostile move”.

In fact, Jordan tried to remove MK Itamar Ben Gvir from the political arena but failed miserably.
Jordan is facing a major political challenge, however, so far it has avoided breaking ties with Israel because of the composition of the new government.

Jordan has not yet formulated a plan on how to deal with the new member of the Israeli government, which it sees as an escalating factor which is trying to shake its stability and security and damage the special status it has on the Temple Mount. The presence of Itamar Ben Gvir in such an important and sensitive position in the new Netanyahu government is a challenge for Jordan because, in its estimation, he endangers the current state of calm on the Temple Mount.

Jordan is now debating how to maintain its top interests following the rise of the right-wing government to power in Israel.

Jordanian officials claim that the United Arab Emirates is now trying to mediate between Jordan and the new Netanyahu government, the United Arab Emirates is trying to convince Jordan to accept the new .political reality in Israel and reconcile with it, as does the Biden administration

PA officials estimate that PA Chairman Abu Mazen and King Abdullah of Jordan will meet to formulate a practical plan to deal with Israel’s new policy while making sure to maintain the red lines of Jordan and the Palestinian Authority in everything related to the Temple Mount, the status of East Jerusalem and the two-state solution.

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