The Iranian response will come

The Iranian leadership decided to respond to the Israeli attacks in Iran and Syria and the preparations for the Iranian response started. It is estimated that the Iranians will try to hit Israeli targets abroad or carry out attacks on Israeli targets using missiles and drones through their militias in the Middle East.

In the last week, Israel increased its attacks against Iran using drones on convoys carrying advanced weapons from Iran to Syria.

Drones of the Israeli Air Force attacked such convoys 3 times in the last few days and destroyed trucks carrying advanced weapons, 11 people were killed in the attacks.

At the same time, the Israeli Mossad attacked a military complex in the center of the city of Isfahan where the production and research of missiles and drones is carried out. The attack was carried out using suicide drones that carried explosives and crashed into the targets.

According to American and Israeli sources, the operation was successful and frustrated the Iranians because it occurred at the same time as the messages the US sent through Qatar to Iran about its willingness to resume negotiations on the nuclear deal.

Israel is officially silent and has neither confirmed nor denied the attacks, Iran has suffered public beatings in public, Israel’s attacks received extensive international coverage, the world did not buy the Iranian claim that it succeeded in thwarting the attack on the military compound in Isfahan and that the damage caused was minimal.

It seems that the Israeli establishment chose the target carefully, it is a military compound and not a nuclear facility, this indicates that Israel also fears Iran’s conventional capabilities in the field of missiles and drones and not only its nuclear capabilities.

The drone attack on the military compound in Isfahan was late at night and this indicates that Israel had no intention of harming the lives of Iranian scientists or senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards.
Israel also fears that Iran will develop hypersonic missiles, currently only Russia and China have this technology, but Iran has good relations with them.

Hypersonic missiles fly at 5 times the speed of sound and according to experts they can penetrate Israel’s air defense system.

Iranian sources claim that the US and Israel use the carrot and the stick method, Israel uses the stick while the US uses the carrot and shows a desire to negotiate with Iran while Israel hits it.

Iranian patience


Iranian sources say that the Iranian response to the Israeli attacks is only a matter of time, Iran has patience and every Israeli attack is recorded in the Iranian book.

In the past two years, Iran has strengthened its air defense systems following Israel’s attacks on the facilities in Karaj and Kermanshah and moved some of its military factories to protected buildings.

It is believed that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has already ordered the Revolutionary Guards to prepare the Iranian response to the Israeli attacks and that the preparations are underway and will take some time.

The scenarios for the Iranian response are as follows:
A. Attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets abroad
B. Launching precision missiles and drones from Iranian territory towards Israeli targets at sea and on land.
C. An Iranian attack with missiles or drones on targets in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where the Iranians claim that a base of the Israeli Mossad operates.
D. Launching of missiles and drones by the pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen towards Israeli targets.

Iran is worried about the visits of senior American government officials to Israel: the visit of Jack Sullivan, the national security adviser, the head of the CIA, William Burns, the foreign minister Blinken, and the expected meeting next month in Washington between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden.
The Iranian assessment is that this indicates the Israeli-American military coordination and that an escalation in Israel’s military activity against Iran is expected and Iran should prepare accordingly.


Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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