Naval military alliance between Iran and the Gulf states

Iran is drunk on power and is trying to push the US out of involvement in the Gulf, the commander of the Iranian Navy announced the establishment of a military naval alliance between his country and the Gulf states. Iran is trying to expand the vacuum left by the US in the Gulf through cooperation with Russia and China.



American Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced at the end of last week in Washington that the US is committed to the security of Israel and that all options are open to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons, but it seems that Iran is not affected by the American statements, it continues its policy towards to the Gulf countries.  


The Iranian response was not long in coming, Admiral Shahram Irani, commander of the naval forces in the Iranian army, announced that soon a joint naval alliance would be established between Iran and countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq. 


 He added that all the countries in the northern Indian Ocean believe that they should stand by Iran and achieve common security.  


The Americans were stunned by the Iranian announcement, the “Breaking Defense” website, which specializes in information of a military nature, quoted the spokesman for the American Fifth Fleet, Tim Hawkins, who said that “the alliance that Iran announced that it intends to establish with the Gulf countries is illogical and challenges the mind.”  


He accused Iran of being primarily responsible for regional instability and of wanting to establish a naval military alliance to protect the waters it threatens. 

 The United Arab Emirates recently canceled its participation in the US-led joint naval force. 

 The “Wall Street Journal” newspaper reported that this happened because of the frustration felt by the United Arab Emirates that there was no American response to Iran’s takeover of oil tankers that happened twice recently, on April 27th and last May 3th.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates has officially confirmed the withdrawal of his country from the joint naval force.  


The headquarters of the US-led joint naval force is located in Bahrain and 34 countries are members of it, its purpose is to protect security and fight against terrorism and piracy in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.  

The establishment of the new naval alliance between Iran and the Gulf states pulls the rug from under the American arguments regarding the need to protect the Gulf states from the Iranian threat. 


 Here, the Iranians themselves are initiating a military alliance together with the Gulf countries for naval defense, it is not clear from whom the Gulf countries should defend themselves, the danger to them has always been from Iran. 

 The Iranians consider the move they initiated for a naval military alliance with the Gulf states another blow to Israel and the US.  


Even if this alliance is not established, we are talking about a moral blow and a propaganda exercise that serves the Iranians.  


Iran is taking advantage of the political and military vacuum left by the Biden administration in the Gulf, entering it and expanding it with the help of China and Russia.  


The gulf countries are not keen on this military naval alliance with Iran, the US has always led the security game in the gulf region, the US fifth fleet is anchored in Bahrain and the US has bases in the UAE and Kuwait, the largest US airbase in the Middle East is located in Qatar However, in view of the rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which is the leader of the Gulf, the Gulf countries feel that they cannot stand by and must participate in the game according to the conditions dictated by Iran.


The working assumption of the Gulf countries is that their rapprochement with Iran will give them an insurance certificate in regards to their ships that sail in the Persian Gulf, their entry into a military alliance with Iran strengthens Iran’s position and its hegemony as a strong regional power and weakens the position of the US in the region.  


The Iranians are drunk with power and the US’s courting of them to sign a new and temporary nuclear agreement that will temporarily stop the uranium enrichment project. 


 Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei plays it as hard to reach and presents a rigid position, he attacked the West this week and said that any compromise on Tehran’s part could lead to increased hostility against it.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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