The plan of the PA chairman against the Netanyahu government

PA Chairman Abu Mazen formulated a new road map for the fight against the Netanyahu government that will be established soon. The plan opposes a new armed intifada but supports "popular resistance" and political and media activity against Israel in the international arena, the Palestinian street says that there is nothing new in the plan.

PA Chairman Abu Mazen, 87 years old, feels a severe political distress in view of the developments in the international arena and the rise of the right-wing government to power in Israel.

The Palestinians have no political horizon and the Biden administration does not keep its promises to the Palestinians and so far has not announced the transfer of the American consulate to East Jerusalem, the administration is busy fighting against the axis that is forming between Russia and China and Iran against the US.

The security situation in the West Bank has been undermined while the Gaza Strip maintains stability and calm Security-wise, the Hamas organization has succeeded in burning the West Bank territories under the feet of Israel and the PA and is waiting patiently to reap the fruits of the escalation.

The PA has lost the support of the majority of the Palestinian public in the West Bank and its security control in the Nablus and Jenin areas, the PA is seen on the Palestinian street as Israel’s “security contractor” and as a corrupt and dictatorial government.

Last Sunday the chairman of the Palestinian Authority convened the tenth meeting of the revolutionary council of the Fatah movement in Ramallah to present his plan of action against the new Netanyahu government, the road map compiled by Abu Mazen does not include a new armed intifada.

The meeting in Ramallah was held under the title ” resistance to the occupation and settlement colonialism by all legal means”.

In his speech, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority reviewed the developments on the Palestinian security situation in the West Bank while emphasizing the “crimes of the IDF and the settlers against the Palestinians”, chief among them the killing of the terrorist Amar Muflech who was shot to death in the village of Hawara after stabbing with a knife a border police officer.

According to the data presented by Abu Mazen, 211 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since the beginning of this year.

The plan presented by the PA chairman was intended to confront the new Netanyahu government in an attempt to consolidate a united Arab position and mobilize international support for the Palestinian struggle.

A. Increasing “popular resistance”, without the use of firearms but the use of stones, Molotov cocktails, demonstrations, blocking roads and burning tires.

B. Political and media activity against the “fake Zionist narrative” that contradicts the Palestinian narrative.

C. Establishing a ministerial committee of Arab countries to attack Israel in the international arena.

d. Adherence to the Arab peace initiative.

E. Obtaining the support of the European countries for the recognition of a Palestinian state and support for the Palestinian request that the “State of Palestine” be accepted as a full member of the United Nations.

F. Progress in the reconciliation talks between the Fatah movement and the other Palestinian factions in the reconciliation talks in Algeria, provided that the factions agree to the terms of the international community regarding the Palestinian cause.

G. Strengthening the Palestinian economy and national institutions.

H. Conducting general presidential and parliamentary elections, including in East Jerusalem.

The road map presented by Abu Mazen indicates the great frustration of the Palestinian Authority in view of Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power, Abu Mazen is very careful not to support a new armed intifada, already in the second intifada in 2000 he expressed strong opposition to this, unlike Yasser Arafat, and he believes that a new armed intifada will bring disaster to the Palestinians.

The Palestinian street is indifferent to the road map of the PA Chairman, for him there is nothing new in it and it reflects the weakness of the PA which cannot present any ray of light or hope to the Palestinians.

Hamas strongly opposes the national reconciliation proposed by Abu Mazen and the condition he set that they accept the conditions of the international community, namely, recognition of Israel and condemnation of terrorism.

Hamas is leading the line of armed struggle against Israel and is trying to bring about a new armed intifada against Israel.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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