Hezbollah provokes Israel

Hezbollah escalates its rhetoric of provocation in Israel and refuses to evacuate the small military outpost it established two months ago in the Har Dov area in Israeli territory. Israel is trying to exhaust diplomatic channels to evacuate the outpost, but the time has come to restore deterrence against Hezbollah.


The Hezbollah organization is escalating its provocation in Israel regarding the military outpost that includes two tents that it erected on Israeli territory in the Mount Dov area more than two months ago.

Mohammed Raed, head of the Hezbollah faction in Lebanon’s parliament,

, he gave a speech on July 2nd at a ceremony held in the town of Almaroniyeh where he provoked Israel and said:

“The enemy demands that the two tents be removed, and prefers that the resistance do so because he does not want to enter into a war that he does not want. If you do not want a war, then shut up and go back, neither you nor others can force anything more.”


Raed added that “the time has passed when you used to bomb the nuclear reactor in Iraq without anyone batting an eyelid and you were not afraid of anyone. Now you are unable to remove two tents because there is resistance, strong and believing people in Lebanon.”

Hezbollah’s provocation in Israel has escalated, Hezbollah is going to the brink to test the new government in Israel and its determination to confront it.

Sources in Lebanon say that Hezbollah wants to achieve an achievement of consciousness and further erode Israeli deterrence, Hassan Nasrallah estimates that the reaction of the new government in Israel will be similar to the reaction of the Yair Lapid government to the launch of 4 Hezbollah drones at the natural gas rig in “Karish”. 

The Israeli government would prefer to contain the situation so as not to be drawn into a military conflict with Hezbollah.

Senior political officials in Jerusalem say that Israel has appealed to the UN, the US and France to work with the Lebanese government to send a force of the Lebanese army to evacuate the Hezbollah outpost.

Israel is now acting diplomatically, but it also leaves open the option of using force if diplomatic contacts fail.

A security source says that Israel will not put up with this provocation whose aim is to start and eat away at its territory and that Hezbollah is planning further provocations on Lebanon’s border with Israel.


In the past year, Hezbollah established about 30 similar posts along the border with Israel, the posts were set up on the Lebanese side of the “blue line” under the guise of organizations to protect the quality of the environment.

The Hezbollah operatives in these positions are wearing the organization’s uniforms and are even armed. This is in contrast to UN Security Council Resolution 1701 at the end of the Second Lebanon War according to which Hezbollah’s presence in southern Lebanon is prohibited.

Hassan Nasrallah has been taunting Israel for a long time and challenging it, his boldness has increased since the “Guardian of the Walls” operation in the Gaza Strip in May 2021, and these things are also reflected in his speeches.

He is encouraged by the strengthening of Iran and the decision of the “Axis of Resistance” to switch to a strategy of a multi-fronts confrontation with Israel.

Nasrallah estimates that the Israeli government is weak because of its internal problems and that despite the military operation it initiated against the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip (Operation “Shield and Arrow”), its deterrence is still worn, which is why he allows himself to provoke Israel.

Israel is doing the right thing when it tries to resolve the crisis diplomatically, but this crisis must not be allowed to continue for much longer, the diplomatic channels must be exhausted and then ordering the IDF to evacuate the outpost by force, even though this will result in a short round of fighting of a few days with Hezbollah.

The difficult internal situation in Lebanon does not allow Hassan Nasrallah to drag Lebanon into a new war with Israel, the time has come for Israel to play well the poker game against Hassan Nasrallah and restore deterrence.


Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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