Unveiling the Psychological Tactics of Hamas: A Disturbing Campaign

Hamas, in its pursuit of military objectives, deploys reprehensible methods of psychological terror and warfare to coerce the Israeli government. Employing a well-organized and effective propaganda system, Hamas succeeds in challenging the Israeli system, resonating through Arab media and beyond.

From the outset of the conflict on October 7, Hamas has engaged in psychological warfare, orchestrated by the spokesperson of its military wing, “Abu Obeidah,” who leads the military propaganda department.

Utilizing media and social networks, Hamas meticulously documents battles through video footage, turning its fighters into a propaganda tool.

“Abu Obeidah” has been elevated to a media icon, donning a mask in dramatic messages that sometimes contain essential information but often include falsehoods to glorify Hamas.

Alongside Muhammad Def, the supreme commander, they have gained immense popularity not only in Gaza Strip and the West Bank but also across Arab countries, Europe, and Latin America.

Focus on Israeli Abductees

Hamas strategically distributes videos showcasing attacks on tanks and IDF soldiers, occasionally disseminating fake news to exaggerate its control over the situation.

The core of Hamas’s psychological terror centers around Israeli abductees.

Exploiting civilians in its hands, Hamas aims to sway public opinion against the Netanyahu government, pressuring it to halt the Gaza Strip war.

Short videos featuring Israeli abductees reading texts dictated by Hamas are distributed to incite public opinion in Israel.

The goal is to increase anti-government demonstrations, compelling the Israeli government to release security prisoners in exchange for the abductees.

In some instances, Hamas falsely claims that Israeli hostages were killed due to IDF bombings or rescue attempts.

To counteract survivor testimonies, Hamas releases videos of released Israeli abductees who claim they were treated well in captivity.

Senior officials allege that the IDF also engages in psychological warfare, spreading false messages and videos.

Recent Hamas psychological warfare videos convey a dire message: the time for Israeli hostages is running out, and they will meet a grim fate unless the Israeli government complies with Hamas demands, primarily the cessation of the Gaza Strip war.

The videos highlight past captives and accuse Israeli governments of neglecting them.

Hamas boldly asserts influence over the U.S. administration, attributing the reported disconnection between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu to its successful psychological warfare efforts.

In essence, Hamas’s psychological tactics aim not only to achieve military goals but also to manipulate public opinion and influence decision-makers, making it a formidable adversary in the ongoing conflict.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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