PA Members Also Involved in Terrorism

Since the outset of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, numerous members of the PA security forces have been implicated in terrorist activities against Israel. Despite this, the PA leadership has refrained from actively combating terrorism and has failed to condemn the October 7 massacre. It's imperative for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to maintain military pressure in Judea and Samaria to forestall any security escalations during Ramadan.

The attack at the gas station in the settlement of Eli last week, resulting in the deaths of two Israeli citizens, was perpetrated by Muhammad Manasra, a terrorist from the Qalandiya refugee camp who held a position within the Palestinian police force.

According to Israeli security sources, over 40 PA security personnel have been involved in terror attacks since the conflict began on October 7.

When considering similar incidents over the past two years, the number of PA security personnel engaged in such activities exceeds one hundred.

The PA and its leadership have long ceased to denounce attacks against Israel.

Even the Biden administration has not applied pressure on Mahmoud Abbas to condemn these terrorist acts.

Furthermore, Abbas has yet to condemn the heinous massacre carried out by Hamas near Israeli settlements close to the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The PA continues to provide monthly salaries to terrorists and their families, while incitement against Israel persists within the Palestinian education system and official PA media channels.

Additionally, the PA has made no concerted efforts within its security apparatus to discourage participation in terrorist activities against Israel.

This is the same PA that the Biden administration seeks to govern the Gaza Strip post-conflict.

The IDF is currently finalizing security preparations in Judea and Samaria ahead of Ramadan, which commences on March 10.

Reservists who have demonstrated exceptional professionalism in combating terrorism throughout the region since the conflict’s inception will also be involved in these efforts.

General Yehuda Fox of the Central Command has cautioned IDF commanders about the potential for events leading to mass Palestinian unrest, emphasizing the need for preparedness.

Given the PA’s lack of resolve in combating terrorism and its weakened state, the IDF cannot rely on its security mechanisms to mitigate potential escalations during Ramadan.

The PA relinquished security control in northern Samaria to terrorist groups supported by Iran over two years ago.

In anticipation of Ramadan, Hamas has launched an incitement campaign via its media channels and social networks, aiming to instigate a third intifada in Judea, Samaria, and among Israeli Arabs.

False claims regarding events on the Temple Mount and alleged Israeli “massacres” in Gaza Strip  further fuel tensions.

Amidst widespread Palestinian resentment fueled by casualties, economic hardships, and Israel’s refusal to permit 150 thousand Palestinian laborers to work within its borders since the conflict’s onset, it is crucial to prevent terrorist organizations from gaining momentum in Judea and Samaria.

While a potential deal between Israel and Hamas regarding the release of Israeli hostages and a 45-day ceasefire might alleviate tensions, no breakthrough has been achieved in negotiations thus far.

The IDF must proactively engage in counterterrorism measures throughout Judea and Samaria during Ramadan, not solely focusing on northern Samaria.

The current semblance of calm is fragile, and the IDF must exert robust efforts to prevent any potential escalation.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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