Israel has decided to put an end to the activities of the  ” Lion’s Den” group in Nablus

The security establishment made the decision to eliminate the activity of the Lion's Den" terrorist group in Nablus." The arrest of the members of the group or their assassination will be carried out soon.

The closure imposed by the IDF on the city of Nablus to prevent members of the “Lions’ Den” terrorist group from leaving is proving itself and preventing terrorists from getting out to carry out shooting attacks on the main roads, senior security officials say.
The security establishment is realizing now that there was no escape from immediately dealing with the Lions Den”‘ group in
order to prevent escalation in the West Bank.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said last night “we did not lose control, there are 30 people in the “Lion’s Den” group and this group will come to an end”.

According to security sources, the IDF is planning the operations to arrest or kill the members of the “Lion’s Den” group whose center of activity is the Kasbah of Nablus, from where they emerge to carry out attacks.

Their activity is similar of the operation of the Fatah movement’s “Black Panther” terrorist group that operated in the cities of Nablus and Jenin during the first intifada.

An attempt to prevent a third intifada

The IDF understands the seriousness of the security situation and is trying to prevent the escalation and spread of terrorism to all parts of the West Bank.

Next week the holiday season in Israel will end and this will probably lead to a reduction in tensions, a significant factor in the current wave of terrorism is the activity of the “Lion’s Den” group.
Officials in Nablus claim that the current wave of terrorism is not is about to fade soon and that the

measures of the Israeli security system will not succeed in suppressing it.

“The actions of the “Lions’ Den” group are becoming bolder and of a higher quality, and they will be very painful for the Israeli army”, residents of Nablus say.

The Palestinian public supports the actions of the “Lions’ Den” and obeys its instructions throughout the West Bank and in East Jerusalem , for example, the call for a general trade strike and “days of rage”, who works to bring about the birth of the third intifada.

The terrorists members of the
Lion’s Den” began to come out “
of Nablus and carry out shooting attacks against IDF forces and the settlers in the main rodes, which indicates boldness and forced the IDF to increase its forces in the Samaria area.

The recent attacks by the group show advance planning, accurate intelligence, the preparation of escape routes and a good knowledge of the area.

The “Lions Den” group challenges the Shin Bet and the IDF and counts dozens of armed terrorists, to date the IDF has killed 6 terrorists belonging to this group and arrested 4 others.

The group is preparing itself to become a major terrorist organization in the West Bank in view of its popularity on the Palestinian street and the successes in the attacks, according to senior officials in the Fatah movement.

The Palestinian Authority is not interested in confronting the “Lions’ Den” by force and is trying to disarm it in “peaceful means”.

According to security sources in Israel, the military wing of Hamas began to support the “lions Den” group with money, the money came from the Hamas branch in Turkey through the wanted terrorist Mouseb Ishtayeh, who was arrested by the Palestinian Authority in Nablus and is currently in Jericho prison.

The person who flows the funds is Saleh al-Arouri, vice chairman of the political bureau and the head of the military wing in the West Bank.

The coming days will be critical days in the activities of the IDF and the Shin Bet against the ” Lions Den” terrorist group, the IDF is waiting for the appropriate operational opportunity to surprise the members of the group in an attempt to kill or detain them, which will undoubtedly contribute to calming the area in the long run.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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