To use the “Hijab protest” in Iran to   topple the regime 

The "Hijab protest" has been going on in Iran for two months now and the Iranian regime accuses American intelligence and the Israeli Mossad of organizing the protests. Israel and the US are not involved in the protests, but the new political echelon in Israel must take advantage of every opportunity to overthrow the Iranian regime, Netanyahu must maintain Israel's freedom of action without any American restrictions.

The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries who gathered in Germany last week condemned the use of excessive force by the Iranian authorities against the demonstrators of the “Hijab protest” that has been going on for two months and threatened the possibility of imposing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

They demanded from Iran to allow the representatives of the UN who are involved in the protection of human rights to enter the country in order to closely monitor the situation of the demonstrators and the detainees.

As mentioned, the 7 countries are : USA, Canada, Japan and four European countries: Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain.

This is the largest protest wave in Iran on an unprecedented scale that threatens to spread and destabilize the regime, so far 234 people have been killed in the protests, even the “green revolution” in 2009 did not reach these levels of protests.

The young Iranian generation is fed up with the brutal oppression of the regime, the protest is concentrated against two symbols of the regime, burning the pictures of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and blowing up the statues of Qasem Soleimani, the “Quds” force commander who was killed in Iraq by the US army.

The common slogan in the demonstrations is “death to the dictator” when the reference is to Supreme Leader Khamenei and also chants against Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah.

The protestors’ message is the desire to be freed from the past wars, from the extreme ideology and the expansionist tendencies of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Middle East, to oppose the export of the Iranian revolution, which led to wars and terrorism and destroyed the Iranian economy following the sanctions imposed by the West.

Western countries today are more closely following what is happening in Iran because of Iran’s support for Russia in its military invasion of Ukraine and the fact that it provided it with missiles and UAVs, not because of the regime’s human rights violations.

The protesters against the regime have no recognized leadership and are not connected to any factor outside of Iran, the demonstrations symbolize a female intifada that erodes the legitimacy of the regime and has future consequences for education and the desire to be freed from the dark regime.

President Joe Biden expressed public support for the protesters in Iran and promised to liberate Iran”, but the question is
how serious the Biden administration is in its promises, are the promises just ahead of the mid-term elections in Congress? will he try to renew the negotiations with Iran on the nuclear agreement after the elections? Will he impose additional sanctions on it?

The protests in Iran began seven weeks ago following the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, claiming that she did not wear her head covering properly, the death was probably caused by beatings she received during her interrogation.

The protesters broke the barrier of fear and challenged the religious leadership in Iran.
Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi replied to President Biden that Iran was already liberated 43 years ago through the revolution in 1979, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Hossein Salami threatened the demonstrators with the use of additional force but the demonstrations continue.

Are the USA and Israel involved in the protests?

Supreme Leader Khamenei and Iranian President Raisi accused that “Iran’s enemies” are behind the organization of the demonstrations in the country.
President Raisi warned that the “enemy wants to shake the stability and security of the country and harm its unity” ..

Mohammad Bakr Kalibaf, head of the Iranian Shura Council, accused the CIA and the Israeli Mossad of being the main organizers of the current wave of protests in Iran.
He claimed that the organizers of the demonstrations plan “to turn them into violence and crime and the establishment of a new ISIS organization.”

“This is a new ISIS organization like ISIS in Syria and Iraq who torture and kill innocent people for no reason and brag about their crimes” he said.

Last weekend, the Iranian regime organized huge demonstrations to mark the day of the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 as a counterweight to the “Hijab protest” demonstrations.

The “Hijab protest” demonstrations in Iran are spontaneous and Israel and the US have nothing to do with them. The focus of the demonstrators on the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, who for them is the great devil of Iran.

It is not yet clear whether the protests in Iran will continue or how long they will last, the Iranian regime has enough military and police power to suppress them as soon as the Supreme Leader makes this decision.

The Western world should take advantage of the “Hijab protest” in Iran to shake the Iranian regime from within in order to topple it, by imposing sanctions on the regime to encourage the protesters.

The intelligence organizations of the USA and Israel should also intervene and help to increase the demonstrations against the Iranian regime as part of the secret war, this is the right time that must be .sed to the fullest, but the decision is in the hands of the leaders in the American and Israeli governments

Let us hope that the elected Prime Minister Netanyahu will not tie his hands and preserve Israel’s freedom of action in regards to actions on Iranian soil against the nuclear project and against the Iranian leadership itself, one of the possible ways is to increase the internal unrest within Iran against the dictatorial regime.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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