The new strategy of Palestinian terrorism

Palestinian terrorism has moved to a new strategy of diversifying attacks against Israel in order to overcome the Shin Bet and damage Israel's national resilience. The Israeli security establishment must respond in a creative and deterrent manner, take the initiative and destroy the terrorist infrastructure in the West Bank.

The battle of wits between the Israeli Shin Bet and the terrorist organizations continues, after the Shin Bet managed to inflict a heavy blow on the terrorist group” Lions Den” in Nablus
the terrorist organizations managed to surprise the Shin Bet and carry out a double attack in Jerusalem that resulted in the death of two Israeli citizens.

After a long period of relative calm, explosive devices are returning to bus stations within the State of Israel, this time with more sophisticated and dangerous devices.

The Shin Bet is still investigating the circumstances of last week’s explosion of a car bomb in the Jenin area that was apparently intended for an attack on a settlement or an IDF base in the area.

The signs are dangerous and indicate that organized terrorism is returning to the field.

Senior officials in Fatah estimate that the terrorist organizations have switched to a new strategy of diversifying the terror they employ against Israel, this strategy states that terrorism will be employed in a diverse manner to make it difficult for the Shin Bet to thwart it.

The intention is to use several types of terrorism.

A. Individual terrorism – stabbing attacks in Israel and the West Bank.

B. Shooting attacks against IDF soldiers and settlers by the armed groups in the Nablus and Jenin areas.

C. Organized terrorism – explosive devices such as the last attacks in Jerusalem.

The diverse terrorism is designed to challenge the Israeli security forces and to cause frustration and fear in an attempt to prevent a counter strike from the Israeli side.

It is also intended to create panic in the Israeli public, which fears a return to the terrorist days of the second intifada in 2000.

Hamas officials say that every time it seems to Israel that it has succeeded in suppressing the wave of attacks against it, the Palestinians surprise it with new and creative acts of “resistance”.

While Israel was busy fighting the armed groups in Nablus and Jenin, the Palestinians surprised it with a double and sophisticated attack in Jerusalem.

The return to attacks by organized terrorism has a strong moral effect on the Israeli public who do not want to return to the days of the second intifada, the Palestinian terrorist organizations are planning a return to suicide attacks in the future if Israel renews the targeted killings in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian terrorism tries to create a balance of terror against Israel and damage its national resilience, the new strategy of Palestinian terrorism requires a deterrent and creative Israeli response.

It seems that there are new terrorist infrastructures in the area, explosives laboratories for the production of explosives and thousands of illegal weapons and large quantities of ammunition. Israel’s security forces must destroy this infrastructure because the Palestinian Authority fears a confrontation with the terrorists.

This means that the political level must make a decision on an a large military operation
in the north of the West Bank to destroy the terrorist infrastructure.

There is no other way to uproot terrorism other than a massive entry of IDF forces deep into the territory, the current arrest operation of the IDF is not enough to eliminate the nests of terrorism.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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