The American security plan is destined to fail 

Senior officials in Fatah claim that the American security plan to restore security in the West Bank is destined to fail and the PA will not be able to carry it out. The events in Hawara severely damaged the prospects for security coordination between Israel and the PA and the calming of the area, and Hamas continues to heat up the atmosphere ahead of Ramadan.



The US and Israel are very concerned about the security situation in the West Bank and the escalation trends towards the month of Ramadan. 

The shooting attacks against the IDF forces and the settlers continue and in the city of Tulkarm a new terrorist group called the Tulkarm Battalion has started to carry out attacks in the area. 

The trend of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements to bring about a new armed intifada continues, Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hanas abroad announced on March 4 that the trend of escalation will continue.


Matters are going to escalate in the month of Ramadan, we are heading for hot days, Khaled Mashal announced and emphasized that the Hamas movement will increase resistance to Israel in all ways.


Senior PA officials claim that the attack in Hawara and the violent response of the settlers to the attack created a difficult atmosphere in the Palestinian street, to which must be added the renunciation of ministers Eli Cohen, Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich from the understandings reached at the security summit in Aqaba, and first of all Israel’s agreement to freeze the settlements for a few months.


Senior officials in Fatah claim that the American security plan formulated by General Mike Fenzel is destined for a crushing failure and there is no chance that it will succeed. 

The plan states that several thousand new security personnel will be recruited for the PA, they will undergo training and be equipped with weapons and will be deployed in the northern West Bank to fight against the armed terrorist groups.


The American administration put heavy pressure on PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas to agree to the plan, the administration wants to prevent military activity by the IDF in areas A in the West Bank and let the PA try to fight against terrorism. 

Mahmoud Abbas was forced to agree to the American administration’s demand without any choice, but the chances of the American plan being implemented are very low. 

Sources in Fatah say that the American plan is designed to eliminate the armed groups in the West Bank that have tremendous support on the Palestinian street and the support of all Palestinian factions. 

The American plan ignores the moods on the Palestinian street and believes that the PA will be able to make progress in carrying out the American plan and use it to eradicate terrorism, however, this is a big mistake in reading the reality on the ground, the American security plan is a time bomb that will explode in the face of the PA chairman says a senior official in the Fatah movement . 

Due to the lack of the PA’s will to fight against terrorism, the new terrorist groups that arose in the West Bank have created a new security and social reality, the estimate on the Palestinian street is that any attempt by the PA to fight against them will lead to a Palestinian civil war and a large explosion in the area, therefore the chairman of the PA will introduce himself to the USA as someone who wants to implement the plan but in practice will resort to procrastination to avoid American pressure. 

In a few days, the follow-up meeting of the security meeting in Aqaba is supposed to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. Until now, the Palestinian Authority has not taken any practical steps to implement the American security plan. 

The new security reality created in the northern West Bank is a challenge for the Palestinian Authority and Israel, as mentioned, the Palestinian Authority has not yet begun to implement the new security plan formulated by American General Mike Fenzel, new security personnel have not yet been recruited who are supposed to undergo military training in Jordan for a few months and then return to the West Bank and deploy in the north as a counterweight to the armed terrorist groups. 

The terror monster continues to grow in northern Samaria and continue the attacks, Israel will not be able to accept the newly created situation and will have to act otherwise the terrorism will reach the territory of Israel itself. 

Senior security officials say that the political echelon will have to make the decision soon because it is impossible to sit and wait for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to do Israel a favor and start fighting against terrorism. 

Time is pressing in Israel, the Israeli hesitancy is interpreted on the ground by the terrorist groups as weakness, they both assess that Israel’s hands are tied by the Biden administration and feel a sense of euphoria and victory that only encourages the execution of more attacks.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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