The confrontation is between Israel and the axis of evil led by Iran 

Israel is facing a new security reality, the axis of evil led by Iran has grown stronger and is changing the rules of the game based on the assumption that Israel has weakened. Hezbollah signals that it is ready to risk a new war against Israel and Iran hints that the Houthi rebels in Yemen may also join the battle against Israel.




Palestine is not alone in the battle, this is the message that Hezbollah and Hamas convey through the media and social networks, They quote this sentence said by Hashem Safi A-Din, head of Hezbollah’s executive council and Hassan Nasrallah’s cousin, the violent events on the Temple Mount and the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon are an expression of the confrontation between Israel and the axis of evil led by Iran and not just a confrontation between Israel and Hamas. 

Iran planned this move in recent weeks together with its affiliates on the assumption that Israel was weakened following the wave of protests against the judicial reform and the crisis in relations with the US. The Iranian move began about a month ago with an attack by Hezbollah at the Megiddo Junction to increase the security chaos in Israel and encourage the Palestinian terrorist organizations to increase the terrorist attacks in the month of Ramadan. 

Iran is also trying to take advantage of this move to take revenge on Israel for its ongoing attacks on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria. 

The events inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque were also a provocation by Hamas to force the police forces to break into the mosque, dozens of Hamas operatives barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque with stones, sticks, chains and fireworks and planned to use them to attack the police forces and Israeli citizens who come up to visit the Temple Mount, the police had to disperse them by force , the harsh images of the police activity and the arrest of the rioters were quickly distributed on social media by the incitement apparatus of Hamas and provoked outrage among the Muslim world, Iran well planned the move aimed at inciting the Muslim world during Ramadan in order to justify the opening of several fronts against Israel from the Gaza Strip, from the West Bank, from southern Lebanon And from the Arab sector in Israel exactly as it was in May 2021 during the “Guardian of the Walls” operation. 

The battle between Israel and the axis of evil led by Iran is an open battle, Hezbollah has begun to change the rules of the game that have been used since 2006 and is showing greater boldness and a willingness to risk a military confrontation with Israel under the assumption that it is weak. 

Iran is encouraged by the agreement it signed with Saudi Arabia through Chinese mediation and by the fact that the US’s position in the Middle East is eroding. 

The vision of the axis of evil led by Iran is to bring about a conflict of liberating all of “Palestine” from the hands of Israel, “from the sea to the river”, the Iranians see this as a possible mission. 

One should pay attention to what the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said on April 5, who claimed that the internal situation in Israel is bringing it closer to its end. 

Several years ago we said that the Zionist entity would cease to exist in 25 years, it seems that they themselves want to end it even earlier. 

We will soon witness the destruction of Israel, Iran continues to advance and the enemies of the Islamic revolution are unstable, Khamenei promised. 

Iran says through Hamas that the equation of unifying the fronts is not a slogan, it is possible and Israel knows this and has been trying for the past two years to change this equation without success.


It focuses on attacks in Syrian territory which, although disturbing, do not harm the plans of the resistance axis led by Iran. 

Israel is entering a new phase of conflict with the axis of evil led by Iran, which is hinting that the Houthi rebels in Yemen may also join the battle against Israel and they can strike strategic targets in Israel and the Red Sea with precision missiles and drones as they hit the Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia in 2019 . 

The Hezbollah organization is signaling to Israel that it is ready to enter into a new violent and difficult battle and that Israel must come to terms with the new situation created in the Middle East and if it refuses, it is marching toward its end. 

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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