The latest escalation against Israel from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon is an initiative of the axis of resistance led by Iran and the first stage in its phased plan to destroy Israel. The axis of resistance has begun to implement the strategy of uniting the fronts devised by General Qassem Soleimani and Israel must respond accordingly.




Attacking Israel with rockets during Passover from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon is only the first stage in the war of attrition by the axis of resistance led by Iran against Israel using the strategy of uniting the fronts devised by General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who was assassinated by the US Army in Iraq on January 2020. 

The attack on Israel was planned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards for a long time, in cooperation with its affiliates, the current round of fighting is only the first stage in Iran’s phased plan to destroy Israel, and the next stages will follow. 

The axis of resistance led by Iran estimates that Israel has weakened due to the wave of protests against the background of the legal reform and the crisis with the US and that the IDF cannot fight on several fronts at the same time and successfully deal with an attack of tens of thousands of rockets, precision missiles and drones that will be launched at Israel from several fronts simultaneously with a wave of terror from the West Bank. 


As far as Iran and Hezbollah are concerned, the strategic situation that existed in 2006 during the Second Lebanon War has completely changed, Hezbollah’s power has grown very strong and today it has an arsenal of 150,000 rockets and precision missiles, therefore Hassan Nasrallah is not afraid of a military confrontation with Israel. 

The goal of the axis of resistance led by Iran is to gradually weaken the IDF, damage its image as the strongest army in the Middle East and damage the morale of the Israeli public and its national strength. 

Iran is not in a hurry to get anywhere, for it the battle is long and the first stage in the disintegration of Israel has already begun, the Zionist project has begun to collapse and the pressure on Israel must be gradually increased. 

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah promised to give a speech next week ahead of World Jerusalem Day in which he will address the recent events on the Temple Mount, the Gaza Strip and the Lebanese border, but his deputy, Sheikh Naim Kassem wrote the following on his Twitter account on April 7. 

The threats of the Zionist leaders will not help, the balance of terror exists and the Palestinian Jihad fighters are in the field and the entire axis of resistance has awakened, the defeats of the Zionist enemy are accumulating and victory is on the way. 


Iran estimates that Israel is at one of its lowest points since its establishment, while Iran is getting stronger, Iran is a short distance from obtaining nuclear weapons, it has joined the Russian-Chinese axis while the US is gradually being pushed out of the Middle East, it has improved its relations with Saudi Arabia and soon it will get closer to more countries in the Gulf. 

In Iran’s estimation, the balance of power in the Middle East is tilted in its favor, Israel’s military attacks on Iran and Hezbollah in Syria cannot defeat them, and the Palestinians, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon have a common interest in uniting with Iran against Israel. 


The Israeli response  


Senior political officials in Jerusalem say that the Israeli military response to the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon was careful and measured in a way that would not lead to an all-out war on several fronts, Israel does not want to enter into such a war at the current time. 

The strategy of uniting the fronts implemented by the resistance axis led by Iran is very dangerous for Israel and it needs to find the right way and the right timing to deal with it, in the last round of fighting Israel lost the initiative and the ability to surprise and had to respond to the attack on it in a way that would not lead to further escalation. 

The main consideration of the political echelon was to quietly pass the period of time remaining until after Passover, the month of Ramadan and Independence Day without unnecessary escalation and not to be dragged along by the provocations of Hamas and Hezbollah. 

A senior security official says that the axis of resistance led by Iran is completely wrong in its assessment of the situation regarding Israel’s national strength, the state of Lebanon is the one in danger of disintegration and not Israel, despite Hezbollah’s large arsenal of weapons, a strong military strike by Israel on Hezbollah and Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure will lead to its collapse . 

Israel is now preparing for a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and will not allow it to obtain nuclear weapons, Israel has the power to achieve this goal. 

The last word has not yet been said and Israel is now reorganizing to thwart Iran’s phased plan. 


Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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