Iran is increasing its involvement in Syria 

The historic visit of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Syria symbolizes Iran's feelings of victory over the West and its increased military and economic involvement in Syria. Israel is anxiously monitoring the deepening of Iranian military involvement in Syria and it must exact a price from the Syrian regime that allows this, otherwise it will find Iran on Syria's border with Israel.





Israel is closely following the tightening of relations between Iran and Syria following the historic visit of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Syria, his first visit since 2010. 

Raisi arrived in Damascus at the head of a delegation of senior ministers in the shadow of important strategic and international changes, part of which is the victory of the axis of resistance led by Iran over the US and the Western countries which have imposed heavy sanctions on it over the years and is now moving towards the nuclear bomb. 

 Defense Minister Yoav Galant said a few days ago during his visit in Greece because today Iran has enough enriched uranium to produce 5 nuclear bombs. 


Ibrahim Raisi’s visit conveys the message to the US and Israel that for him, it is impossible to break the axis of resistance led by Iran, the Iranian president, who met in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar Assad, emphasized that just as Iran stood by Syria in the war against terrorism, it also stands by it in the reconstruction phase after the war. 

The message of the President of Iran to Israel worries the political and security echelon that has been engaged for many years in what is called the battle between the battles to prevent, through military attacks, the military establishment of Iran in Syria and the transfer of shipments of advanced weapons from Iran to Syria for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

During his stay in Damascus, the Iranian president signed 15 agreements with Syria, among them a strategic memorandum of understanding and agreements in the fields of electricity, energy, tourism, joint investments, the establishment of a joint bank and alternative trade. 

The message to Israel is that it will not succeed in removing Iran from Syria and that its strategy in Syria has failed, the agreements between Iran and Syria also strengthen the military cooperation between the two countries and Iran also intends to train the Syrian army. 

We need to put aside slogans about the Iranian victory for a moment and see what is really hidden behind President Raisi’s visit to Damascus, the Iranian president came there to check how Syria intends to pay its large debts to Iran, in the end, despite the shared hatred of Israel and the West, the Iranian regime does not give free meals. 

Syria is in a very difficult economic situation, it owes a lot of money to Iran and Russia who stood by it in the war, its debt to Iran is 5 billion dollars for food products and fuel and it owes Russia 17 billion dollars for weapons, ammunition, oil and flour. 

President Bashar Assad has enslaved himself to Russia and Iran and to pay off these debts he is giving them control over his country through military presence and political and economic influence on Syria. 

Iran wants to receive the return for its help to Syria during the war through an increased military presence in its territory as well as to receive full freedom of action to transfer weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syrian territory. 


Iran is keeping an eye on the funds that Syria is supposed to receive from the international community for its rehabilitation and is looking to take over real estate assets in the main cities in Syria and the port of Ladtakhiya in order to have a seaport on the Mediterranean coast. 

The visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi symbolizes the deepening of Iran’s military and economic involvement in Syria, Iran is investing in Syria in all respects, primarily military and strategic in order to strengthen its influence and expansion in the Middle East, the Israeli struggle against Iranian involvement in Syria is becoming more difficult day by day even though Israel has increased the rate of its attacks on Iranian targets in Syria. 


Israel does not charge the price of President Bashar Assad for allowing the Iranian military involvement in Syrian territory, Bashar Assad does not feel that his regime is in danger from Israel and therefore he surrenders to Iranian pressure, therefore the time has come for Israel to change its policy towards Syria and charge it a price, otherwise it will find that Iran is on Syria’s border with Israel and it will be very difficult for it to stop the Iranian military establishment in Syrian territory, the visit of the President of Iran to Syria indicates that Iran has no intention of distancing itself from Syria, on the contrary, it is increasing its involvement in all areas in Syria. 


Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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