Israel is approaching the decision point 

Iran is racing towards the nuclear bomb and the US is conducting secret negotiations with it for a new temporary nuclear agreement aimed at stopping the uranium enrichment project but potentially strengthening its military power. Israel is debating how to act but is also preparing to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, the decision will be made only after a meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden.


Tzachi Hanegbi, the National Security Advisor and Ron Dermer, the Minister of Strategic Affairs, returned to Israel after a short visit to Washington during which they met with Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor and discussed ways to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. 

At the beginning of the week, the security cabinet will meet to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat and dealing with the possibility of a multi-arena military battle against the axis of resistance led by Iran. 

Jerusalem is worried about the latest developments that may leave it alone in the battle against Iran, political officials in Jerusalem claim that in recent weeks the Biden administration has held secret talks in Oman with an Iranian delegation and offered it a proposal to reach a new partial nuclear agreement that would stop uranium enrichment in exchange for the thawing of Iranian funds frozen abroad.

If Iran agrees to stop the nuclear project at the point it has reached, it will receive a lot of money that will allow it to continue its military buildup, its ballistic missile project and militarily strengthen all its affiliates in the Middle East. 

Political sources in Jerusalem say that President Biden is busy with the war in Ukraine and he does not want a regional war in the Middle East between Iran and its affiliates and Israel, he prefers to find a political solution to the issue of the Iranian nuclear project even if it is to the detriment of Israel, he needs an agreement with Iran that he can present as a political achievement in his election campaign. 

Israel fears the possibility that President Biden will link the normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia to the new nuclear agreement he is trying to reach with Iran. 

The Iranians are very skilled at negotiating and they stood firm against the International Atomic Energy Agency, which adopted the Iranian narrative regarding sites suspected of illicit nuclear activity and agreed to close two investigation files on the matter. 

Jerusalem is furious at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that Iran continues to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency and deceive the international community. 

Jerusalem fears that the International Atomic Energy Agency has agreed to give up its investigations to Iran in order to allow progress towards a new partial nuclear agreement with it. 

Iran is racing towards the nuclear bomb, it is already a nuclear threshold country and has a sufficient amount of enriched uranium and within two weeks it can be ready to produce several nuclear bombs, so say security officials. 


It also has long-range missiles that can carry the nuclear bomb, what it lacks is the device that will detonate the bomb, a device that will be mounted on the head of the missile that is supposed to carry the bomb, according to security sources in Israel, it will take Iran one to two years to develop this device. 

Israeli intelligence and the CIA have a joint assessment that Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has not yet made the strategic decision on the production of the nuclear bomb, however, once he makes the decision the duration of its execution will be short. 


The Iranians are in an advanced process of building their nuclear facilities deep in the ground in the mountains and in tunnels to defend themselves from a possible air attack on them from the US or Israel, Israel’s window of opportunity militarily to successfully attack these facilities, which lie tens of meters deep in the ground, is closing.  


Iran felt very self-confident, it managed to manipulate the Western countries and bypass all the obstacles that the West placed in its way, it got closer to China and Russia and even supplies drones to Moscow for the war in Ukraine. 

Attacking the nuclear facilities in Iran will lead to a regional war that will cause heavy damage to Israel, Iran will activate all its affiliates to attack Israel with hundreds of thousands of rockets, missiles and drones. 

On the other hand, signing a new partial nuclear agreement between the superpowers and Iran will strengthen its conventional military power through the many funds that will flow to it as a result of the removal of the sanctions imposed on it and the thawing of its frozen funds. 

All this is happening while the tensions between Jerusalem and Washington are still in full swing, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken has canceled his planned visit to Israel and it is unclear when Prime Minister Netanyahu will be invited to a meeting with President Biden at the White House. 

Israel has not yet completed the military preparations to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, it needs American Boeing planes for refueling in the air and advanced American bombs that can penetrate very deep in the ground. 

But, this does not mean that if Israel makes the decision to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, it cannot carry out the decision. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu said on June first: “Israel will do everything it needs to do to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” 

Israel is approaching the moment of deciding on the attack on the nuclear facilities, political sources say that the decision is expected to be made only after Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Biden and hears from him new details necessary to make the decision. 

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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