The Palestinians in the service of Iran 

Iran no longer hides its intentions to take control, through its Palestinian affiliates, of the territories of Judea and Samaria and open a new front against Israel from them. The armed terrorist groups have neutralized the power of the PA in northern Samaria, the chairman of the PA is afraid of a confrontation with them and thinks only of saving the throne of power.



Iran assured two delegations of the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that visited Tehran last week, while the West Bank was boiling, that it would transfer large amounts of weapons and funding to the armed groups operating in northern Samaria for the purpose of increasing the battle against Israel, according to sources in Hamas. 

The smuggling axis from Iran to Judea and Samaria passes through Syria and Jordan, in recent days there has been great tension between Jordan and Hamas against the background of the arrest of 4 Palestinians by Jordanian intelligence who were involved in smuggling weapons from Iran to Judea and Samaria for the armed terrorist groups. 

The Jordanian arrest follows heavy Israeli pressure to stop the smuggling from Jordanian territory, after Israel released from custody the Jordanian member of parliament Imad al-Adwan, who was captured at the Allenby crossing while trying to smuggle hundreds of weapons for the armed terrorist groups in Samaria, Jordan pledged to act decisively to prevent arms smuggling from its territory to Judea and Samaria . 

Iran is increasing its activity in the territories of Judea and Samaria in order to turn the West Bank into another front against Israel, just like the Gaza Strip, so that rockets will be launched from there towards Israel, thereby completing the encirclement of Israel from all fronts and tightening the stranglehold on it with rockets, precision missiles and drones, Qassem Soleimani’s vision is about to come true. 

In the last two years, Iran’s “Revolutionary Guards” have invested a lot of money and smuggled large quantities of weapons through the border with Jordan into northern Samaria to establish the armed groups with the help of the Islamic Jihad organization. 

The armed groups pushed out the security forces of the Palestinian Authority and are currently in control of Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm. 

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas sits quietly in Muqataa in Ramallah and is afraid of confronting these groups for fear of losing the throne of power. 

The Iranians are planning ahead, for the day after the 87-year-old Mahmoud Abbas stepped down from the political stage, they formed armed militias in Judea and Samaria to fight against the IDF forces and the Fatah militias in order to take control of the territory, the IDF cannot ignore this and will have to act to prevent pro-Iranian forces from taking over Judea and Samaria. 


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was interviewed on June 23th by the Iranian “Al-Alam” channel and said that the visit of the Hamas delegation to Tehran was very important in light of the regional and international changes in relation to the “Zionist entity” and that this has important consequences for “Palestine”. 

He discovered that the discussions with the Iranian leadership dealt with the coordination of resistance operations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and that there is a regional opportunity to reorganize the region in a way that will serve the Palestinian problem. 

He added that the resistance in the West Bank is on an escalating trend and has entered a new course of renewing the resistance, “The West Bank serves as an open front against the occupation and is a strategic support for the Gaza Strip and vice versa” clarified Haniyeh. 

Haniyeh warned that any aggression by Israel or an act of assassination or harm to the security prisoners will be answered firmly. 

Senior PA officials are very concerned about Iran’s activities in the West Bank through the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. 

A senior PA official says: “We don’t want to become an extension of Iran and for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to be like Lebanon. We want to be freed from the Israeli occupation, but the price is high, we are Sunnis and not Shiites.” 

The ambush for IDF soldiers in Jenin, during which an IDF armored vehicle drove a large explosive device that injured 7 soldiers, changed the rules of the game. 

Israel has gone up a step in the war on terror and returned to the policy of targeted assassinations that was practiced in Judea and Samaria 16 years ago , this policy will help in the fight against terrorism but will not stop it. 

A senior security official estimates that in the end Israel will have no choice but to occupy all of northern Samaria in order to prevent acts of terrorism and to stop Iranian influence on this entire area and the expansion of terrorism to other areas in central and southern Judea and Samaria. 

Iran is determined to implement its plan, if it soon reaches an understanding with the Biden administration on freezing uranium enrichment, it will receive 20 billion dollars in the first stage and will have enough money to finance its plan to act against Israel from several fronts at the same time. 


The Iranians attach great importance to taking control of Judea and Samaria, which is very close to the heart of the State of Israel, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said last week to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh at their meeting in Tehran: 

 “The Gaza Strip is the center of the resistance, but it is the West Bank that will defeat the Israeli occupation.” 

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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