IDF on the Verge of Returning to Jenin Amid Growing Terrorist Threat 

The Jenin refugee camp has become a hotbed for armed terrorist groups, as they relentlessly work to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure, which the IDF had previously dismantled. This resurgence has raised serious concerns within the security establishment, which now predicts an imminent return of the IDF to counter these threats. The Palestinian Authority's (PA) lack of determination to combat terrorism adds to the urgency of the situation.


Despite deploying approximately 600 security personnel in the city of Jenin, the PA has refrained from entering the camp, where around 150 armed terrorists from different factions, including theJanin Battalionof the Islamic Jihad, reside. 


 While some armed terrorists have been arrested for incidents like setting fire to a palestinian police station, those responsible for attacks against IDF forces and settlers remain untouched. 


A new terrorist group called theAl Ayash Battalion,” associated with Hamas, has emerged in the Jenin area and has already launched rockets towards the Israeli settlement of Ram-On in response to recent events on the Temple Mount. 


 The IDF discovered the remains of the rocket in Palestinian territory, signaling the terroristsefforts to establish a rocket production infrastructure in Jenin 


Such attempts could pose a new front against Israel, originating from the territories of Judea and Samaria. 


Senior security officials in Israel assert that due to the PA’s ineffective response to terrorism in Jenin, the IDF’s return to the area is inevitable. 


 Although the political echelon initially allowed the PA forces to act against terrorism, their lack of resolve has prompted the consideration of renewed IDF operations. 

The IDF’s initial operation in the Jenin refugee camp was expected to be insufficient in curbing terrorism, and ongoing pressure on armed terrorist groups is crucial to prevent the rebuilding of their destroyed infrastructure. 


Intelligence information from the Shin Bet reveals that the armed groups in Jenin are currently producing large explosive devices, burying them in shafts, and amassing weapons. 


 Hamas has even showcased a video displaying a laboratory producing small explosive devices intended for attacks on IDF soldiers, along with images of an attack tunnel used against IDF forces in the previous operation. 


The political echelon’s decision to consider a return to military action in Jenin aims to strengthen the PA’s governance in the area. 

 However, the PA must play an active role in confronting the core armed elements within the Jenin refugee camp to achieve lasting security control. 


The IDF’s potential return to the Jenin refugee camp may become necessary if terrorist acts against Israel resume. As the terrorists continue their efforts to rebuild, the situation remains precarious. 


To achieve effective results, the IDF must coordinate its activities with the PA, and the latter must demonstrate a stronger commitment to combating terrorism. 


 Sources within the Fatah movement claim that the PA will take more decisive action against the armed terrorists after a reconciliation meeting of Palestinian factions in Cairo. 


As tensions rise, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas faces the challenge of addressing the armed terrorists while attempting to avoid confrontation. 


 Accusations against Israel for the PA’s failures only add to the complexity of the situation. 


In conclusion, the threat posed by armed terrorist groups in the Jenin refugee camp demands immediate attention. 


 The IDF’s return, if it comes to pass, should be a coordinated effort with the PA to effectively combat terrorism and restore stability to the region. 

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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