Israel in an effort to reach Yahya Sinwar’s bunker

The IDF renewed the fighting in Gaza Strip and will expand it to the south in an attempt to eliminate the military leadership of Hamas led by Yahya Sinwar. It is of great importance to eliminate the head of the snake of Hamas terrorism, from a military and moral point of view on the way to achieving the goals of the war, the assessment is that Haya Sinwar will fight to the end.

The IDF has renewed the fighting in the Gaza Strip and it will expand it in the coming days, the military activity will expand to the center of the Strip and to the south, where according to the intelligence, the military leadership of Hamas led by Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Def and Marwan Issa is hiding.

Hamas dismisses reports in the Israeli and foreign media that Israel and the US are exploring the possibility of reaching an agreement with Hamas that would allow its leadership to leave the Gaza Strip abroad in peace, as Israel allowed Yasir Arafat to leave Beirut in Lebanon with his men in 1982.

Hamas says that their movement is a movement that advocates jihad, it fights to the end and does not make any deals with the infidels Jews.

It seems that Yahya Sinwar and Muhammad Def are not afraid of dying during the war, in the Gaza Strip they say that they have already achieved a victory over Israel on October 7 and they long to become “martyrs”, according to them, this is not Hamas propaganda, they really believe that their place in heaven is guaranteed.

They have a “death wish” and Israel needs to make it come true.

Hamas claims that the military wing is well prepared in the tunnels and can hold its own against the IDF for a few more months.

However, the Hamas movement expects military help from the axis of resistance led by Iran that will prevent the collapse of its rule in the Strip, which indicates that it is under great pressure.

Its expectation is mainly from Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah maintained a close relationship with Hamas during the ceasefire but it will not raise its level of escalation against Israel without approval from Iran.

It is very important that Israel does not deviate from the goal of eliminating the military leadership of Hamas that is hiding in a bunker deep in the ground in the Khan Yunis area, this cannot be done only with aerial bombardments, this requires a broad and rapid ground operation.

The killing of Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Def and Marwan Issa will be a very hard blow to Hamas and will be a victory for Israel on the way to the overthrow of Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, the international clock is ticking and Israel must focus on achieving this goal as quickly as possible, it will also be a morale blow that will affect the continuation of the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Israel urgently needs such a victory image, this is one of the ways to take revenge on the planners of the terrible massacre in the settlements surrounding Gaza on the way to restoring the self-confidence of the IDF and the Israeli national honor.

The Hamas movement is trying to present a picture of victory and claims that Israel has not achieved anything in the war so far, it is trying to hide that the IDF has captured the entire north of the Gaza Strip, therefore the IDF should soon expand its ground operations to the center of the Gaza Strip and to the south where the bulk of the military power of Hamas.

The Hamas movement puts its hopes in the restrictions imposed by the US on Israel with regard to fighting in the southern Gaza Strip, it relies on the dense Palestinian population in the Khan Yunis area to serve as a human shield, it does not understand that the US supports the elimination of Hamas, President Biden emphasized this several times.

Yahya Sinwar will try to gain more time with all kinds of tricks related to the use of the 140 Israeli abductees in his hands in the hope that the international community will put heavy pressure on Israel to stop fighting and thus he will be saved, he treats the Israeli abductees as his insurance certificate against Israel.

It is to be hoped that the IDF has drawn the necessary conclusions from the fighting in the north of the Gaza Strip and has been prepared in accordance with the war in the south, determination and adherence to the goal will allow the IDF to achieve the goal of destroying the military infrastructure of Hamas and eliminating its commanders.

There is a big difference between the leadership of the military wing of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the leadership of the PLO in Lebanon in 1982, Hamas is part of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, while the leadership of the PLO in Lebanon was a foreign body that took over the state of Lebanon, as the picture currently looks, no Arab country is ready to accept the Hamas leadership in its territory if it agrees to leave the Gaza Strip.

Yahya Sinwar understands this and is therefore ready to fight to the bitter end, to preserve the dignity and honor of Hamas and not to evacuate the Gaza Strip with the gang that surrounds him and give Israel the image of victory.

Sources in the Gaza Strip estimate that Hamas will try again to make a proposal for the return of all Israeli abductees in exchange for the release of all security prisoners from Israeli prisons, a full ceasefire and the withdrawal of IDF forces from the Strip, as soon as it feels that the end is coming.

A senior political official says that no further deal will save the Hamas leadership from being eliminated by Israel.

Yahya Sinwar does not understand that he missed the train, the circumstances have completely changed and Israel wants to eliminate him and the gang surrounding him, there will be no compromises on the way to achieving the goal.

The Israeli military decision in the war in the Gaza Strip must be very clear in a way that the Israeli victory will be heard in the entire Arab world.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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