Redefining Realistic Goals for the Gaza Strip Conflict

The time has come for the political leadership to reassess the objectives of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, particularly concerning the Hamas movement, given the current state of hostilities. Israel stands a better chance of achieving its objectives through resolute determination and the preservation of national unity.

 After more than 80 days of conflict in the Gaza Strip, it is crucial for the political leadership to further clarify the goals, with a specific emphasis on addressing the Hamas movement.

While the primary objective of bringing back all Israeli abductees remains unchanged, the broader goal of toppling Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip should be refined to align with current realities.

Acknowledging that complete eradication of the Hamas movement is impractical due to its dual nature as both a terrorist organization and an entrenched ideology, a more nuanced approach is needed.

Realistic Goals:

  1. Dismantle Hamas’ Military Infrastructure:
  • Targeting the extensive tunnel system, bunkers, command centers, ammunition depots, and production facilities for rockets and drones.
  • Recognizing the complexity of this operation, the IDF has started demolishing infrastructure in the north and is advancing methodically southward.
  1. Neutralize Hamas Leadership:
  • Eliminate the entire military leadership, including the four senior officials at the helm.
  • Acknowledge the progress made in eliminating about half of the leadership but emphasize the need to target the remaining key figures.
  1. Defeat Military Wing Fighters:
  • Target the five brigades deployed in different regions of the Gaza Strip.
  • Highlight the IDF’s success in crushing two brigades in the northern Gaza Strip and the ongoing efforts to reduce the overall number of terrorists.
  1. Disable Hamas’ Rocket Arsenal:
  • Counter the continued rocket launches by Hamas, emphasizing the diminishing capability as the IDF gains ground.
  1. Secure the Philadelphia Corridor:
  • Take control of the Rafah border area to prevent weapons smuggling from Egypt.
  • Recognize the diplomatic considerations regarding Egypt’s opposition to the occupation of this area.
  1. Eliminate Political Leadership:
  • Locate and neutralize the political leadership hiding in tunnels, including members of the political bureau, parliament, “Shura” council, and senior government officials.
  1. Demolish Symbols of Rule:
  • Target and demolish key symbols of Hamas’ governance in the Gaza Strip.

Strategy and Considerations:

  • Emphasize the importance of international support and patience in executing these goals.
  • Recognize the post-war challenges, emphasizing the need for ongoing IDF efforts to prevent Hamas from regaining strength.
  • Advocate for a comprehensive approach, extending operations to Judea and Samaria against Hamas, disrupting financial networks, and apprehending leaders.

In conclusion, the success of these military endeavors relies on the clear definition of political goals and strategic implementation. Drawing parallels with the U.S.’s success against Al-Qaeda, Israel can achieve similar results through national unity, wisdom, and decisive action.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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