The vision of the new Palestinian PM Muhammad Moustafa

The new Palestinian PM presented the vision of the "Revitalized PA" that will be established, but there is no word in his vision about the war on terror, stopping the payment of salaries to terrorists and stopping incitement in the PA's education system and media. There is also no statement of intent in his vision to return to the PA the security control over northern Samaria that it lost more than two years ago to armed terrorist groups supported by Iran.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a few days ago tasked his close associate Mohammad Moustafa with establishing the new Palestinian government, in accordance with his agreement with the Biden administration to establish a “Revitalized PA” that would make governmental reforms, eradicate corruption in its mechanism and fight terrorism.

Muhammad Moustafa has already started contacts with various Palestinian personalities in order to include them in his government in preparation for its presentation to the PA chairman and its inauguration.

Meanwhile, he also published on March 20, in the Palestinian newspapers that are affiliated with the PA, his vision in an article he wrote under the title “My vision for the aspirations of our Palestinian people”.

In his vision, he talks about the establishment of an independent Palestinian state along lines 67 with East Jerusalem as its capital and which includes the territories of the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria after the institutions in them have been united, with a geographical transition connecting them.

According to him, the realization of his vision requires achieving a union between “the two parts of the Palestinian homeland” and conducting reforms to improve the implementation of the vision.

In his vision, Muhammad Moustafa talks about ending the Israeli occupation and creating real change in the area, he describes the difficult situation in the Gaza Strip and the urgent need to end the humanitarian disaster. It officially lists the number of casualties and damage caused to the Gaza Strip since October 7.

More than 31 thousand dead, of which 13 thousand were children.

73 thousand wounded.

17 thousand orphans who lost at least one parent.

1.7 million displaced.

According to it, about 60 percent of the houses in the Gaza Strip were damaged during the war and the education and health systems collapsed.


 The tasks of the new government

According to the vision of Muhammad Moustafa, the new government will be a government of experts without party affiliation, which will restore the public’s trust in it and gain international support.

The new government will strive to establish an independent agency, which will operate transparently, to restore the Gaza Strip and also a development fund, which will be managed by an international body, to collect and manage the funds for the purpose of financing the reconstruction operations.

In his article, Muhammad Moustafa promises that his government will act transparently and reform the mechanisms of the Palestinian Authority.

  1. Strengthening the rule of law.
  2. Strengthening the judicial system.
  3. Fighting the phenomenon of corruption in the PA mechanisms.
  4. Maintaining human rights and freedom of expression.
  5. Preparation for general elections for parliament and the presidency.
  6. Achieving financial stability for the PA and stimulating the national economy.

It is not in the vision that Muhammad Moustafa published a single word about the war against terrorism, about stopping the monthly payment to terrorists and their families and stopping the incitement against Israel in the PA’s education system and official media.

It also does not contain any statement of intentions to return to the PA the security control over northern Samaria which it lost more than two years ago to armed terrorist groups supported by Iran.

Officials in the PA estimate that this is a lot of public relations and say that Muhammad Moustafa will not bring any significant change in the conduct of the PA and in building trust between it and the Palestinian street.

At the top of the Fatah movement, there is great anger over the appointment of the prime minister, who they claim is the result of certain connections between Muhammad Moustafa and the chairman of the PA and his family members.

Moustafa denies and says that these are lies based on a political rivalry in the context of the succession battle in the PA.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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