Jordan fears that Hamas is trying to set it on fire

King Abdullah is concerned about the attempts of the Hamas movement to set the Hashemite Kingdom on fire through violent demonstrations ahead of the IDF operation in Rafah.

Jordanian sources report growing concerns within King Abdullah’s administration regarding Hamas’ efforts to incite unrest within the kingdom ahead of potential IDF operations in Rafah.

Last week, significant demonstrations erupted in Jordanian cities, expressing support for Hamas and demanding an end to the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Notably, a large demonstration took place in the capital, Amman, near the Israeli embassy.

In response to these developments, the King dispatched Minister Mohand Mabidin, the government spokesman, to issue a warning to Hamas through an interview with Arab media outlets.

The King’s apprehensions have heightened following a public statement by Muhammad Def, Hamas’ military wing commander, urging Arab and Islamic masses residing along Israel’s borders to mobilize towards Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Jordanian intelligence has indicated that Hamas is attempting to inflame the Jordanian populace, 70 percent of whom are of Palestinian descent, into rioting and incursions across the Jordanian-Israeli border to launch attacks ahead of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan.

Last week, IDF forces in the Jordan Valley apprehended two armed Palestinians who had infiltrated Israel from Jordanian territory.

Meanwhile, the flow of weapons from Iran to Syria, and subsequently to Jordan, persists. Smugglers, motivated by lucrative wages, endeavor to supply Palestinian terrorist groups in northern Samaria with arms.

Emphasizing Jordan’s commitment to its peace agreement with Israel, the government spokesperson reiterated that Jordan intends to uphold its diplomatic ties with Israel.

Recent large-scale demonstrations across Jordan, driven by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, underscore the volatile atmosphere, with calls for continued solidarity with Hamas and Palestinians in Gaza.

Jordanian authorities exercise caution in handling demonstrators, refraining from dispersing them by force. Some protesters attend with their families, but authorities remain vigilant about potential security escalations in refugee camps during the final days of Ramadan, which could lead to confrontations with security forces.

Protesters in Amman express their intent to maintain a permanent presence near the Israeli embassy, aiming to pressure the Jordanian government into severing ties with Israel and halting any form of normalization.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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