The Palestinian Authority does not fight terrorism 

A senior member of the Fatah leadership accuses the Palestinian security forces of being responsible for the large amounts of weapons that flowed into the refugee camps in the West Bank and are used for attacks against Israel. Tawfiq Al Tirawi claims that the Hamas movement defeated the Fatah movement because of the differences in it, in the PA they accuse him of settling accounts with the chairman of the PA because he was removed from his position.




There is no better proof of the fact that the PA is not fighting terrorism and is responsible for the growth of armed groups in the northern West Bank, than the words of a senior security official of the PA who admits to the major failure of the Palestinian security forces since the IDF’s military operation in the Gaza Strip in May 2021 ( the Guardian of the Walls). 

General Tawfiq al-Tirawi, who was the head of the Palestinian General Intelligence in the West Bank for many years under the rule of Yasser Arafat, until Mahmoud Abbas replaced him in 2009 with Majed Faraj, openly opposes the security forces of the PA and blames them for the great failure of arming the Palestinians with weapons in the refugee camps in the West Bank. 

In a video he published on the Tik Tok social network on April 2, Tawfik Al-Tirawi, who is a member of Fatah’s central committee, sharply criticized the security escalation of the resistance movement against Israel in the West Bank and placed the responsibility for this on the PA’s security mechanisms. 

The weapon of the resistance in the Palestinian refugee camps is against the law and the Palestinian Authority’s security forces did not prevent its entry into the refugee camp in the first place, he said. 

If they did not know about the introduction of the weapons, then it is a disaster, and if they knew about it, then the disaster is greater, stressed Al-Tirawi. 

Altirawi added that the national project of the Palestinians is built on a struggle in international circles and the Palestinians succeeded in doing so, but the impact on Israel is zero. 

He harshly criticized the PA’s treatment of its officials in the Gaza Strip and said that it had wronged them and did not treat them the same as it did its officials in the West Bank. 

Some of them were fired based on false reports, he said and claimed that the Hamas movement defeated the Fatah movement because of differences in the Fatah movement. 

Tawfik al-Tirawi’s words confirm what senior security officials in Israel claim, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is indifferent to the armed terrorist groups that have sprung up in the West Bank and he will not fight against them as long as they do not endanger his rule. 

The security forces of the Palestinian Authority are afraid of clashes with the armed terrorists and have abandoned security in the northern West Bank, today, the armed groups are in control of the area. 

These things raise questions about the effectiveness of the new security plan of American General Mike Fenzel for the war against the new terrorist groups in the North Bank, the PA Chairman agreed to accept the new plan but it has no value if he does not order his security forces to fight against the armed groups  

The Palestinian Authority ignores Tawfik al-Tirawi’s criticisms that caused many echoes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, every Palestinian child knows he is right. 

PA officials accuse Tawfiq al-Tirawi of settling accounts with PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. 


The PA chairman dismissed Al-Tirawi from the presidency of Al-Istakalal University in Jericho and caused him to freeze his membership in the central committee of Fatah, these days he is being investigated on suspicion of corruption. 


Even if the PA’s claim is true and Al-Tirawi settles accounts with the PA’s chairman, this does not mean that what he said is not true. 

The Israeli security establishment and the CIA know very well that Al-Tirawi is right, they know PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas well, the problem is that for them he is considered a minor evil and they fear the possibility that he will soon part ways with the Palestinian Authority due to his medical condition and advanced age. 

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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