A Pre-Planned Massacre in the Style of ISIS by Hamas

Hamas, an organization that has adopted the brutal methods of ISIS, recently carried out a pre-planned and gruesome massacre in Israeli settlements along the Gaza Strip border. This horrific act not only tarnished the image of Hamas but also sparked international outrage. Israel is now determined to confront Hamas in the same way the Western world dealt with ISIS.

Hamas, al-Qaeda, and ISIS share a radical Islamic ideology, all stemming from the “Muslim Brotherhood” movement.

In fact, there is little difference between Hamas and ISIS.

In recent years, there was a disturbing trend where members of Hamas’ military wing in Gaza defected to join ISIS in Sinai, launching attacks against the Egyptian army.

However, this trend ceased as Hamas further radicalized its tactics, adopting methods reminiscent of ISIS.

Despite the different names, these terrorist organizations are equal in their brutality, viciousness, and the crimes they commit. They are ruthless murderers who shed innocent blood.

As a result, not only Western nations but also Arab countries have declared them as outlaws and are engaged in a relentless battle against them.

Hamas has changed the rules of the game, and Israel is determined to respond just as the Western world did against ISIS.

The Hamas Massacre in Israeli Settlements on the Gaza Border


Many in the Gaza Strip draw comparisons between the recent massacre by Hamas and historical incidents like the “Battle of Khyber,” a clash between supporters of the Prophet Muhammad and Jewish tribes in the Khyber desert oasis, or the massacre of the Jewish tribe of “Banu Quraiza” by Muhammad’s followers.

These battles ended with hundreds of deaths, women and babies taken as captives.

The brutal massacre of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers carried out by Hamas terrorists from the “Nuh’ba” force in Israeli settlements along the Gaza border closely resembled the tactics of the ISIS terrorist organization.

Israel has substantial evidence to support this, derived from the investigation of terrorists involved in the massacre, some of whom were apprehended by the IDF and Shin Bet.

On October 15th, President Yitzhak Herzog appeared on CNN and revealed a pamphlet found on the body of a Hamas terrorist killed in Israeli territory, detailing the stages of the kidnapping and its execution.

According to this document, the terrorists were instructed to create chaos and intimidation by forcibly blindfolding the captives, using electric shocks, and eliminating anyone who posed a threat or distraction.

They were further ordered to collect captives and use them as cannon fodder, irrespective of their religion, race, or gender.

Similar to ISIS, these terrorists were required to document their actions live during IDF attacks, even the execution of captives. Some of the terrorists possessed an ISIS flag and documents suggesting premeditation.

Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy chairman of the political bureau of Hamas, claimed on October 12th that the Nouchba terrorists of Hamas did not kidnap or massacre Israeli citizens, blaming a group of youngsters who breached the border fence.

However, IDF’s intelligence evidence contradicts this blatant lie.

A Hamas battle procedure document, classified as “top secret,” was found on one of the terrorists who infiltrated Israeli settlements on the Gaza border.

It contained instructions for the Hamas unit sent to occupy Kibbutz Alumim, emphasizing the need to inflict as many casualties as possible on the enemy and to take hostages to the Gaza Strip.

Another document discovered in a vehicle belonging to Hamas terrorists in the Reim area outlined instructions to kill hostages, kidnap them to the Gaza Strip, use them as human shields, and burn houses, vehicles, and fields.

One terrorist carried a document with code names for radio communication with the unit’s headquarters in the Gaza Strip; for example, the word “Aswad” meant an order to murder captured hostages, while “Ahmar” signified that hostages had been captured.

The testimonies of Israeli survivors and videos disseminated on social networks are compelling evidence of the horrifying acts committed by Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza border settlements, acts even more chilling than those of ISIS.

These cruel terrorists killed over 1,200 people, including innocent civilians and IDF soldiers, annihilated entire families, raped women, abused corpses, murdered young children and babies while they were still alive, and beheaded some victims.

They set homes and vehicles ablaze and kidnapped over 100 Israelis to the Gaza Strip.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who previously led the U.S. Army’s Central Command and oversaw the war against ISIS, told Prime Minister Netanyahu during his recent visit to Israel that Hamas is even worse than ISIS.

Indeed, Hamas has embraced even more brutal tactics against Israel than ISIS or the Nazis.

The method of burning prisoners alive mirrors ISIS’s practices and is reminiscent of the burning of the Jordanian pilot, Moaz Al-Kasasbeh, who was captured by ISIS terrorists in Syria in January 2015.

Hamas is now desperately trying to repair its brutal image on the world stage following its attack on Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, but as of now, the world remains unconvinced by its lies

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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