The man who planned the massacre in the Israeli settlements surrounding Gaza

The man who planned the brutal massacre in the Israeli settlements on the border of the Gaza Strip, which holds most of the Israeli hostages, is Muhammad Def, the chief of staff of the military wing of Hamas. Mohammed Def is the most wanted by Israel which has tried to assassinate him five times already, Operation "Iron Swords" is a golden opportunity to kill him.

The man who planned the massacre in the Israeli settlements on the border with Gaza Strip, devised the operational plan, trained the terrorists who went into action, coordinated it with the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” and commanded it in all its stages is Muhammad Def, the chief of staff of the military wing of Hamas.

Mohammed Def is also the most wanted by Israel in the last 20 years, Israel tried to assassinate him five times and failed, he is also the one responsible for planning the rocket attack on Jerusalem in May 2021 that led to the breaking out of Operation “Guardian of the Walls”.

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip wears two hats, besides the political hat he is also the head of the military wing of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but in fact it is Muhammad Def who sets the rules of the military confrontation with Israel, he is the real “head of the snake” of Hamas terrorism, he was among the founders of The military wing of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which also built it over many years as a regular army, is responsible for its training, armament and the construction of the weapons development system, he is the one who decides on everything.

The political leadership of Hamas also considers his position regarding the military aspects of the struggle against Israel.

Muhammad Def was the one who officially announced on October 7 in a short message to the media about the start of the battle against Israel under the name “Al-Aqsa Flood”.

His full name is Muhammad Diab Ibrahim al-Masri who is better known by the nickname “Mohammed Al-Def”, he was born in the Khan Yunis refugee camp where he met Yahya Sinwar, the origin of his family in Kibya village in the Ramallah area and it immigrated to the Gaza Strip in 1953.

Muhammad Def joined the ranks of the Hamas movement in 1987 and in the early 1990s was one of the founders of the military wing of Hamas “Izz a-Din Al-Kassam”.

The terrorist leader Muhammad Def known as “Abu Khaled” is responsible for hundreds of acts of terrorism and the bloodshed of many Israelis, he began operating from the Gaza Strip in the early 1990s in coordination with the terrorist Yahya Ayash nicknamed “The Engineer” who was assassinated by the Israeli Shin Bet, Muhammad Def began to be famous because he planned the kidnapping of the late IDF soldier Nachshon Waxman in 1994.

In one of the assassination attempts on his life in 2006, he lost one of his eyes and could only move in a wheelchair, since then he rarely appears in Hamas media in silhouette with only his upper body visible or in a short audio recording.

In 2014, during the war in Gaza strip, Israel bombed a building in Gaza City where he was hiding, he miraculously survived but his wife and son were killed in the bombing.

During Operation “Iron Swords” on October 11, the IDF bombed the house of Muhammad Def’s father in the village of Kizan a-Najjar in the southern Gaza Strip.

In the attack, his brother Abdelfatah Diab Al-Def was killed along with his son Midhat and his granddaughter Hala Def.

Muhammad Def is considered in the territories the symbol of the armed struggle in Israel and has become a national and Islamic icon, Since 2021, he has been leading the military struggle against Israel as a national religious struggle for the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque on the way to the liberation of all “Palestine” from the sea to the river.

Therefore, it is very important that Israel take advantage of the “Iron Swords” operation to assassinate Muhammad Def, who is the “head of the snake” of Gazan terrorism, so far the IDF and the Shin Bet have killed five senior members of Hamas, but the elimination of Muhammad Def will be a great operational and morale blow for the Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip.

Muhammad Def is also the one whose people hold most of the Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip and who is using psychological warfare against Israel on the subject, the political leadership of Hamas cannot reach any prisoner exchange deal with Israel without Muhammad Def’s approval.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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