Assassinate the leadership of “Black October”

The political echelon in Israel must order the assassination of all Hamas leaders around the world at the same time as the "Iron Swords" operation to eliminate them in the Gaza Strip continues. The elimination of the Hamas leadership abroad is an integral part of the campaign to eradicate this terrorist organization.

The shocking massacre by Hamas terrorists of the residents of the Israeli settlements along the border with the Gaza Strip on October 7 requires Israel to enter a new phase of the war on terror against this murderous terrorist organization.

Besides the planned ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in order to destroy the military infrastructure of Hamas and eliminate its military leadership in the Strip, the political echelon in Israel must also make a decision to assassinate all of the leadership of Hamas abroad located in Qatar, Lebanon and Turkey.

The overthrow of the Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip is not enough to eliminate the activities of the organization, some of the leaders of this terrorist organization are abroad, they are busy raising funds and supporting the military wing in the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria, recruiting operatives and directing the attacks against Israel.

Sources in the Gaza Strip claim that the terrible massacre in the Israeli settlements was indeed planned by Muhammad Def and Yahya Sinwar, but because of its local and regional consequences, it also received the approval of the leadership abroad and the Shura Council of the organization.

The massacre in “Black October” in 2023 will forever be recorded in the history of the Jewish people as a turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in the fight against jihadist Islamic terrorism whose goal is the destruction of the “infidel” Jews and the elimination of their state.

This obliges the Israeli government to declare a total war against the terrorist organization Hamas anywhere in the world.

After the massacre of the Israeli athletes in Munich in September 1972, the Israeli government led by Golda Meir decided on Operation “Wrath of God” to eliminate everyone who was involved in the massacre carried out by the “Black September” organization, the task was assigned to the Israeli Mossad which operated around the world, for several years, until it eliminated All those responsible for the massacre in Munich directly or indirectly.

This caused a great shock in the world and the fact that all members of the “Black September” organization went underground, but the Israeli Mossad continued to hunt them down and eliminate them.

This is how Prime Minister Netanyahu should behave, he must immediately order Mossad head David Barnea to start planning a new operation to eliminate all Hamas leaders around the world.

This is how a democracy that must protect the lives of its citizens should behave, the assassinations of the terrorist leaders disrupt the decision-making system, the planning and execution of terrorist attacks and have a deterrent and restraint effect.

The political echelon in Israel must behave as the US presidents do in the war against the terrorism of al-Qaeda and ISIS, the Hamas organization is an organization that is much worse than these two organizations.

President Obama ordered the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, President Trump ordered the assassination of Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, and Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards”, while President Biden ordered the assassination of Abdallah Kardash, the leader of the ISIS organization.

The Israeli Mossad has the intelligence and operational capacity to meet this task, according to foreign sources it has already assassinated in recent years several leaders and terrorist operatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in different parts of the world, the entire Israeli intelligence community must be recruited and assist in this task.

This is the moral duty of the political echelon towards the Jewish people, it is necessary to eliminate all the leaders of the new Nazis who are responsible for the terrible massacre and the crimes against humanity committed in “Black October” and to behead the heads of this monster of terror organizations everywhere in the world and one hour before.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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