The Palestinians fear a new Nakba

The Palestinians fear that the goal of the IDF's expected ground invasion of the Gaza Strip is to create a new transfer of the residents of the Gaza Strip to Egypt. Egypt strongly opposes accepting Palestinian refugees in the Sinai Peninsula, but the war may dictate a new reality.

The terrorist organization Hamas will go down in history as the one who brought another disaster on the Palestinians, just like PA Chairman Yasser Arafat who brought on the second intifada or Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini who brought on the Nakba in 1948.

This time it is about the Gaza Strip, the terrible massacre by Hamas of the residents of the Israeli settlements near the Gaza border forced Israel to go to war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip called “Iron Swords”.

In order to destroy the military infrastructure of Hamas and its commanders in the Strip, Israel must occupy the northern Gaza Strip from the ground, this infrastructure is in tunnels underground and the terrorist commanders are also hiding there.

In order to prevent innocent civilians from being harmed, Israel called on the residents of the northern Gaza Strip, more than a million Palestinians, to move temporarily to the southern Gaza Strip or to Egypt while providing international guarantees that they would be able to return to the northern Gaza Strip at the end of the war.

The Israeli call was used by Hamas, which wants to use the civilians as a human shield while playing up their historical pain, to claim that Israel intends to take revenge on them, transfer the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and cause a new Nakba.

Hamas propaganda claims that Israel’s goal is to occupy the entire Gaza Strip, deport all its residents to the Sinai Peninsula and re-establish Gush Katif.

The Israeli call to the residents of the Gaza Strip to move south succeeded in arousing in them a deep historical fear of another forced migration as happened to them in 1948 after their leadership rejected the partition plan of the United Nations and brought disaster upon them, the resettlement (Tawtin-Arabic) became over the years a nightmare for the Palestinians , that is why they stick to their refugee camps, refuse their rehabilitation to perpetuate their problem, and dream of returning to their homes that no longer exist, their desire to destroy the State of Israel, blinds them and degenerates them to further disasters.

Egypt and Jordan came to the aid of the residents of the Gaza Strip, Egyptian President al-Sisi came out strongly against the Israeli call to the residents of the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate their homes, in order to thwart the Israeli plan, he called on millions of Egyptians to take to the streets and demonstrate against the plan and suggested that Israel move the residents of the northern Gaza Strip to the Negev.

He also convened an “International Peace Conference” in Egypt where he attacked Israel’s policy in the Gaza Strip in order to mobilize world public opinion against Israel’s plans for the Gaza Strip.

President al-Sisi fears that the entry of one million Palestinians into the Sinai Peninsula will pose a great danger to Egyptian national security, they may join the activities of the outlawed “Muslim Brotherhood” movement against the Egyptian regime and start a wave of terrorism.

King Abdullah of Jordan has also attacked Israel, he too fears that creating a precedent in which a large Palestinian population moves from one region to another during a war will serve Israel and it will use this in the future to encourage the migration of Palestinians from Judea and Samaria to the territory of Jordan as part of the plan of right-wing factors in Israel which holds that “Jordan is Palestine “.

The big question is what will happen after the IDF’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip begins, what will Egypt do if hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the Strip knock on its gates?

Will it allow them to enter the Sinai Peninsula? Will the Egyptian army open fire on them if they try to breach the border fence?

Will Egypt agree to take them in on its territory and build tent camps for them after receiving international guarantees that they will be able to return to the Gaza Strip at the end of the war?

There are currently no answers to these questions.

The desperation among the Palestinians is great, they have not yet recovered from the Nakba of 1948 and they feel that they are facing a new Nakba, the Western world has sided with Israel, the right of return has become an empty slogan and the international resolutions remain on paper.

The psychological shock among the Palestinians is great, Hamas managed to bring them to a new humanitarian crisis while its leadership spends its time in luxurious hotels in Qatar.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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