Ensuring Security: A New Approach for Israel

In the face of recent conflicts in the Gaza Strip and on the Lebanese border, it is imperative for Israel to reassess its security strategies concerning Israeli settlements on these borders. The goal should be to guarantee the safety of these settlements through a combination of military and political measures.

Gaza Strip Security

The immediate aftermath of the Hamas attack on October 7 and Hezbollah’s involvement on the northern border underscored the vulnerability of Israeli settlements.

Tens of thousands of residents had to evacuate, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach.

To address this, Israel should:

  1. Establish a Security Strip: Create a 2-3 km buffer zone between Israeli settlements on the Gaza border and Palestinian territory, officially designated as a “killing zone” with mines and IDF surveillance.
  2. Military Campaign Against Hamas: Conduct a comprehensive military operation to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas, providing a chance for lasting calm and security in the region.

Northern Border Challenges

The situation on the northern border, particularly with Hezbollah, presents a more complex challenge.

Israel must balance political and military strategies to enforce UN Resolution 1701 and ensure the safety of its residents.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Enforce UN Resolution 1701: Actively pursue the implementation of UN Resolution 1701 to push Hezbollah beyond the Litani River.
  2. Reciprocal Measures: Ensure reciprocity on both sides of the border by pressuring Hezbollah through political means and, if necessary, by creating a security zone in southern Lebanon.
  3. International Support: Coordinate with the international community, particularly the United States, to garner support for Israel’s justified position in enforcing Resolution 1701.

Strengthening National Security

Israel must prioritize the security of its citizens and uphold its role as a safe haven for Jews worldwide.

The government should:

  1. Ensure Full Security: Guarantee the security of every Israeli citizen and Jewish immigrant living in the country.
  2. Strategic Preparedness: Learn from past conflicts and enhance IDF preparedness for simultaneous engagements on multiple fronts, considering potential threats from the “axis of evil” countries led by Iran.
  3. Crushing Victory: Demonstrate a decisive victory over Hamas and Hezbollah to reinforce Israeli deterrence in the region.


By adopting a comprehensive approach that combines military strength, political maneuvering, and international cooperation, Israel can redefine the security landscape on its borders. This proactive stance is crucial to safeguard the well-being of its citizens and ensure long-term stability in the region.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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