Salam Fayad – A Potential Compromise Candidate for Gaza Strip Leadership?

The ongoing conflict between the Israeli government and the Biden administration regarding the future governance of the Gaza Strip post-war has led to speculation and potential candidates emerging for the leadership role. One such name in consideration is Dr. Salam Fayad, whose profile is explored in this article.

The impasse between Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Biden administration over the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) role in post-war Gaza deepens.

Netanyahu rejects the idea of the PA ruling Gaza, citing its failure to condemn recent attacks by Hamas and its perceived support for terrorism.

The Biden administration has devised a multi-stage plan involving PA reforms, Gaza rehabilitation, and international forces to stabilize the region.

However, skepticism exists among Israeli officials about the plan’s efficacy, questioning the PA’s ability to undergo substantial changes.

Potential Scenarios

Several scenarios are considered for post-war Gaza, including full IDF control, continued PA rule, the establishment of local governance, an Arab administrator, and potential local rule by Hamas – the latter staunchly opposed by Israel.

Salam Fayad – A Compromise Candidate?

Behind-the-scenes negotiations suggest Egypt proposes Dr. Salam Fayad as a potential interim manager for Gaza.

Fayad, a former Palestinian Prime Minister, is known for his independence, economic expertise, and lack of corruption ties.

He has previously presented a unity government plan that could gain international trust and funding for Gaza’s reconstruction.

Challenges and Controversies

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have expressed suspicion and opposition to Fayad, linking him to U.S. and Israeli interests.

The PA also disapproves of Fayad’s candidacy, but the Biden administration’s stance remains uncertain.

Fayad, currently teaching economics at Princeton University, holds a moderate stance, proposing a Hamas inclusion in the PLO for shared governance.


As the conflict in Gaza persists, uncertainties surround the region’s future governance. Salam Fayad’s potential candidacy adds an interesting dimension, but challenges and differing opinions complicate the situation.

The evolving scenario necessitates continuous monitoring as Israel seeks to solidify its position in the weeks to come.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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