Yahya Sinwar is engaging in a public relations exercise

Israel has informed families of abductees about Hamas agreeing to provide medicine in exchange for humanitarian aid. However, Israeli officials suspect this is a PR move by Sinwar to enhance Hamas's image and influence the International Court of Justice's decision in The Hague.

On January 12, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office announced that the abductees held by Hamas would receive medication soon.

The Mossad head, David Barnea, led the effort with Qatar’s Prime Minister, securing direct transfer of humanitarian aid, including medicines, to Gaza.

The families of the abductees raised concerns during a meeting with the Qatari Prime Minister, demanding visual proof that the medication reaches the abductees.

They want increased pressure for the immediate release of the hostages, not just the transfer of medicines.

Some political officials believe Qatari mediation is more effective than Egyptian efforts, and Sinwar aims to improve Hamas’s image globally.

This comes after negative press regarding acts of  rape and violence by Hamas, which may have influenced the International Court of Justice hearing on January 12.

However, it’s essential to wait and see if the medicine transfer materializes, considering Hamas’s unreliability.

The deal highlights Israel’s direct ties with Qatar, but it doesn’t guarantee progress in hostage negotiations, which remain challenging.

Meanwhile, families at headquarters are skeptical, demanding visual proof of medication receipt.

They emphasize the immediate danger the abductees face and urge the War Cabinet to insist on proof before any return from Israel.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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