Iran is changing its strategy and establishing new rules of the game

Iran openly declared war on Israel and attacked it with hundreds of drones and missiles, Israel stopped the attack and announced that it would resolutely respond to it. Israel is well coordinated with the American administration, it seems that this is the beginning of a new type of direct conflict between Israel and Iran that could also degenerate into a regional war.

April 13th will go down in the history of the Middle East as a historic day when Iran first launched an attack on Israel using hundreds of UAVs and ballistic missiles that it launched at targets in Israel from Iran’s own territory and also through its affiliates in Iraq and Yemen.

An Israeli official stated that Israel intercepted 99 percent of the missiles launched at it and that Jordanian planes helped intercept Iranian drones in Jordanian skies while they were on their way to Israel.

A senior security official says that Iran openly declared war on Israel and launched the world’s largest UAV attack against Israel within a few hours.

To date, it has operated behind the scenes and claimed that the militias loyal to her are independent in their decision.

The direct reason for the Iranian attack is the assassination of Hassan Mahdavi, commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, which is attributed to Israel, but in fact Iran is trying to settle accounts with Israel for the assassination of other senior Iranian officials such as Mohsen Fakhri Zade, the father of the Iranian nuclear bomb, senior officers in Revolutionary Guards”, some Iranian nuclear scientists and also about Israel’s ongoing activity in Syrian territory against Iranian targets in recent years.

The Iranian attack on Israel is reminiscent of the attack on Israel in mid-January 1991 by Iraq led by President Saddam Hussein, when about 40 Scud missiles were launched at Israel from Iraqi territory.

Most of the missiles were fired towards the Tel Aviv area and caused damage to property, however they directly caused loss of life, 3 Israeli civilians were killed by Scud missiles and several dozen more died of suffocation and heart attacks as a result of the use of the AVK mask, a total of 77 people were killed.

Israel then refrained from a military response at the request of the US.

Of course, the situation today is completely different, Iran’s direct attack came in the middle of the multi-fronts campaign in which Israel is involved, which Iran organized behind the scenes, which began with the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.

The open joining of Iran in the campaign comes as a direct result of the great erosion of the Israeli deterrence force.

Iran ignored the clear warnings of the President of the United States Joe Biden and joined the campaign, this indicates the great self-confidence it has vis-à-vis the US and Israel and it is not yet clear if it will pay a price for this.

According to senior political officials in Jerusalem, Israel will wait until the results of the Iranian attack become clear, the political and military coordination between it and the US is unprecedented and Israel has assured the Biden administration that any military response against Iran will be coordinated with the US.

The Iranian attack on Israel is an unprecedented strategic event that has implications for the war in the Gaza Strip, the hostage deal and the intention to occupy the Rafah area.

Of course, it also has implications for the continuation of the military conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

More than two weeks ago, the leaders of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, Ismail Haniyeh and Ziyad Al-Nakhala, visited Iran and met with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who assured them that he would not allow Israel to topple the rule of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Iranian Embassy in the United Nations announced that the unusual attack it carried out against Israel was a response to the assassination of Hassan Mahdavi in Damascus and thus, for it, the revenge was complete. “If the Israeli regime makes another mistake, our response will be more severe.”

The Prime Minister’s spokesman in the Arabic language said that “the Israeli response will be decisive and clear.”

Despite the difficult disagreements between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden, the United States fully stood by Israel’s side and coordinated with it militarily the defense of the State of Israel.

Israel set as a major target in the war the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip which attacked the Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip on October 7 and tried to keep Hezbollah out of the campaign, however it eventually accepted Iran in the campaign, Iran removed the mask from its face and went to the front line in the war against Israel .

In fact, Iran is now directly threatening Israel and American interests in the region.

Iran’s self-confidence is very great and so is its arrogance, General Yahya Rahim Safawi, the advisor of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei said before the attack on Israel: “The victory of the resistance front and the Palestinian people under the leadership of Iran is certain, the new Middle East has failed against the will of the US and Israel, a new axis will be established led by Iran and the resistance front.”

It is not yet clear how Israel will respond to the attack against it, but the response will be coordinated with the Biden administration, the face of the Middle East is about to change, we are probably at the beginning of a new type of direct confrontation between Israel and Iran and there is also a danger of degenerating into a regional war.

Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Middle East Analyst

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